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My job as a grand-reporter has taken me around the world for more than half my life. I am 52 years old today.

During my travels I have discovered a thousand ways of living and thinking the world.

When it was time to build a place for myself to live in between my journeys around the world, I immediately felt like sharing it with other travellers to feed our respective inspirations.

There, I built my first meditation dojo (2006) which became our Haiku lodge and then Naoshima (2010) which echoed my several stays to Japanese traditional Ryokan and the other lodges followed. Rivage (2018), inspired by the Scandinavian hygghe* way of life and Étoile (2019), allowing us to live as close to the stars as possible, imagined during a trip into the Mongolian steppes.Our latest Lodge Voyage (2020) is an hymn to the spirit of the great American West and the timeless souvenir of a journey into the wild.

I realised that my ambition was to create a place of inspiration and reconnection to the essentials inspired by those precepts so special in Japan as Omotenashi** and Omoiyari***.

It is difficult to translate them into their true meaning , but it is these words that have inspired me ever since to nurture our special place. It is the value that breathes behind these words that I try to pass on to my team to develop and nurture their way of welcoming our guests with listening, discretion and attention to allow everyone to have a unique and rejunevate experience of Nature.


* The Danish recipe for happiness ** hospitality *** empathy

“ Every single life
is a journey to discover,…