Ikigaï *

The Forest Lodge

Lodge Zen

En baie de Somme

Fallen from its branch,
The flower has turned around:
It was a butterfly! **

Inspired by our memories of Siberian forests and Japanese gardens, we imagined a hidden place in the heart of a wild forest to enjoy the benefits of nature. Our forest lodge is a tribute to the Japanese method of personal development, consisting of taking care of yourself to discover your true purpose.
Let yourself be lulled by the songs of the birds and the breath of the wind in the forest. Relax in your private sauna before cooling off in your nordic bath. And take a book from our library to discover the ikigai method at your own pace. The terrace and the wood fire of our forest lodge allow you to admire the beauty of nature to recharge your batteries.
Fall asleep on a comfortable Japanese futon to offer you beautiful rejuvenating nights...

* In Japanese Ikigai means "joy of living" < br>** haiku by Arakida Moritake (1453 – 1549)

Jardin & Brazero
Sauna Privé

Pavillon en bois

Queen size organic cotton and latex bedding. Japanese furniture, shower open to wild nature. Brazero, sauna and private nordic bath.


tonnes de co2 naturellement absorbés
par nos plantations et stockés par nos sols depuis notre ouverture