In the Heart
of the Milky Way…

The Experience

Into the heart of the Milky Way

On the tip of a grass
In front of the infinite sky
An ant *

If you're up for the adventure, you'll sleep under the stars in the middle of nature, in the first geodesic lodge designed and eco-built in France.

We imagined and developed the most self-sufficient ecolodge possible by focusing on the essentials: to create a place to admire the beauty of nature and fill up on energy.
The natural ventilation through the floor is inspired by Mongolian ghers. The wood wool insulation and large double glazed glass openings regulate the temperature all year round.

* haiku by Hōsai Ozaki (1885 - 1926)

Chambre avec Vue !
Bureau avec Vue !
Lever de Soleil
dans le Lodge
Salle de bain
ouverte sur la nature

Panoramic Lodge

Geodesic Lodge with panoramic view in double glazed glass. Queen size bed in organic cotton and latex. Office, bathroom and toilet with large openings on a free open nature.



tonnes of co2 naturally absorbed by our plantations and stored into our soils