Shinrin Yoku

Forest Baths in Baie de Somme

We invite you to discover and enjoy
our gardens of Eden hidden in the heart of the forest…

o Furo

Wood-Fired Japanese Bath

An immersion into the Japanese Art of Living
In the spirit of true Japanese shinrin yoku*, we have imagined an authentic place of relaxation on an island.  Our cedar o furo is heated on a wood-fire between 39 and 45° 

* Forest bath. The O Furo can be booked at least 48 hours in advance for a maximum duration of 90 minutes. 55 € for 1 to 2 person(s).

Kodama Lodge

Finnish Sauna , Nordic Baths & Meditation


Our kodama lodge is located in the middle of a forest.
Large wooden deck for open air yoga and meditation.

Our Nordic fresh water pools are naturally filtered all year round to listen to the sound of the water, to refresh and relax between meditation, yoga or Finnish sauna sessions.


The yoga & meditation terrace can be booked free of charge for up to 4 people. Yoga mats and thermos of tea or wild herbs available on request. The Finnish sauna and Nordic baths can be booked 24 hours in advance for a maximum of 90 minutes. 55 € for 1 to 2 people.

o Furo
Hot Fire Japanese Bath
Kodama Lodge
Yoga, Sauna & Nordic Pool
Yoga & Meditation
in the open sky